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The problem with Ethereum is that it isn't efficient and the most efficient system will win.

The reason that Ethereum isn't efficient is because it requires that every node process every transaction. Oops! That's a serial process and it's unnecessary. 1+1=2 Not everyone has to run that math to check it. Same with Ethereum.

OK, so what system is more efficient? You won't like the answer. Bitcoin was originally proposed to be a system which works in parallel. That's right, the original spec of bitcoin is super efficient.

Now you might be saying to yourself 'oh, but Bitcoin doesn't do smart contracts', but you'd be wrong... and you might say 'oh, but bitcoin doesn't' write to state!' but we can simulate state in bitcoin script. And you might say 'oh, but we want an account based system so that we can have oracles', but we can create accounts and oracles on top of the UTXO set in Bitcoin.

Finally, Bitcoin isn't really BTC, at all. And it's not BCH either.

Can you guess which Bitcoin is bitcoin? Which Bitcoin is compatible with banking and central banking? Which bitcoin carries information and is compliant, and which competes with Ethereum?

It's BSV.

BSV is Bitcoin.


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