Why blockchain is boring

Issue #7

When it comes down to it, a blockchain is a network of computers using incentives and fancy math to create a system that transfers value.

To a lot of people, that sounds boring.

It's extremely interesting if you're into that sort of thing, but most aren't and that's fine.

Everything is interesting to somebody. The way gasoline explodes to move a piston to propel a car forward is incredibly fascinating. However, I don’t think about it much. I just like driving my car.

Nobody cares the internet is a set of computer servers linked together by a series of protocols that transfer data. They care about sending an e-mail to their friend across the world, being in WhatsApp group chats, and using Google maps to get to random places.

Likewise for blockchains, the mechanics of how it works are only interesting for those who nerd out on it, but everyone can appreciate the things it can do.

This means being able to invest in your favourite NBA player, invest in your favourite musician's new song, or take out a ‘flash loan’ where anyone can borrow nearly unlimited amounts of money as long as it’s instantly paid back.

With blockchain, everything becomes an investment and everyone becomes investible.

A system of value ownership that is as open for anyone to access as the internet.

When money becomes data, a whole new world becomes possible.

That's why blockchain is both incredibly boring and incredibly exciting at the same time. It's a boring machine that allows you to do magical things.