Technology as a tool for freedom

Issue #3

I was taking a break from writing these because with everything going on, it honestly seems so unimportant. 

I'm a guy who thinks blockchain is incredibly valuable but it's nothing compared to the tragedy of people being unjustly taken before their time.

The amount of suffering Black and Indigenous people have been through at the hands of racists is as appalling as it is incalculable. 

When you create a system that relies on the goodwill of human beings in positions of power to function properly, it doesn't work.

Unfortunately when in positions of power, human beings have shown to be corrupt, selfish, discriminatory, cruel, and destructive. 

Systemic racism can't be solved by technology. However, technology can be a tool that helps reduce the power these people have.

Where would we be without cellphone cameras?

End-to-End encryption is another. What would the world be like if the government could read all of our messages?

VPNs to get around the censorship of internet firewalls.

Blockchain is a technology that allows for financial inclusion. It's not the cure for everything but it prevents people from being excluded from the financial system.

It's a wonderful thing to take out a loan from an indiscriminate computer program instead of a potentially racist banker.

Anything that takes power away from those who can abuse it is a good thing. 

I don't trust a few powerful people to decide who gets rights and who doesn't. 

Too much freedom is better than not enough. 

Sending lots of love to everyone out there.